Argentina Free Fall
SCOTUS vs. Kirchnerismo
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  • Kevin

    What’s shocking us that anyone buys Argentine bonds. How stupid or desperate do you gave to be to do that? I would love to know the thinking behind those who buy these.

  • PKCasimir

    The US Supreme Court has not, repeat not, agreed to hear Argentina’s appeal of an appeals court Decision that it must repay its creditors in full. What the Supreme Court has agreed to review is a court’s order requiring a bank to turn over information about the country’s assets to bondholders who have refused to accept Argentina’s settlement of its defaulted bonds so that it may attempt to get court orders to seize the assets. The Supreme Court has not decided to review the much more important case that would force an Argentinian default, although it well might at some future date.

  • ljgude

    When looking at economic troubles south of the border I see a different relationship between these societies and their land. Many countries – Mexico and Argentina come to mind, where there are large land holdings by a relatively small elite. The Church has an acre or two also I believe. Then I think of Henry the VIII who confiscated the Church lands. My pet theory is that capital flows were loosened up and things happened quickly. His daughter turned England from a third rate power into a first rate one. There was both opportunity and Robber Barons like Drake to take advantage of it. The capital is still flowing at a pretty good clip in the Anglosphere thanks to Henry and those in the Hispanosphere who don’t have hereditary wealth or even a hereditary union job are still coming el Norte for the crumbs the Anglos don’t want. We have our own problems. A national government with both parties corrupted by Wall St and other interests and a disintermediated Blue Social Model that is making escalating sucking sounds. But…Don’t cry for me Argentina. (sorry)

    • El Gringo

      Despite it’s drug cartel issues, Mexico is doing quite well economically. Lumping Mexico and Argentina together is a false comparison.

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