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Another Reason Not to Get a PhD
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  • Andrew Allison

    Might I gently suggest that, “Graduate programs have been churning out far more PhD’s than there are available academic positions,. . . ” is a bit silly. The majority of jobs for PhD’s are outside of the Academy, thus the real issue is that graduate programs have been accepting far more candidates seeking academic positions than there are jobs for.

    • Jim__L

      Only some types of PhD’s have job opportunities outside the academy, and now that companies have shut down their R&D divisions in favor of academy partnerships, even the technical PhD’s are getting squeezed out of jobs. It’s impossible to justify Humanities research to stockholders; it’s getting tough to justify basics physics research to the same people.

  • Mister_Carson

    I think we’re talking about Humanities degrees, not STEM degrees, which do indeed have opportunities beyond academia. With the humanities, we’ve reached the saturation point, unfortunately. No one gets a Ph.D. in Art History to be COO of a corporation, do they?

  • TommyTwo

    “Another Reason Not to Get a PhD”

    When you introduce yourself as Doctor So-and-so, people start graphically telling you about their ailments.

  • i admire this man but this needed to be done 🙂

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