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As Dispute With China Escalates, Vietnam Encourages Nationalism and Resistance
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  • hai_nguyen

    Lost in your description of the Chinese invasion of Paracel islands chain was the recently declassified materials, implicating the US collusion with China by withholding intelligence on PLA navy gathering and preventing counter-attack of our then ally South Vietnam. So, cynicism is not that the government of Vietnam finally recognizes the sacrifices of South Vietnamese soldiers or belated push for anti-China nationalism but, the well-known tendency of US betrayal of an ally.

  • Shawn McHale

    This article has it backwards. It is not that the Vietnamese government is “encouraging Vietnamese to confront China.” It is that the Vietnamese government is accepting the obvious: which is that Vietnamese, in the diaspora and in VIetnam, have been been talking about this for several years. That being said, this story implies that the government has, somehow, suppressed discussion of this event. It hasn’t, and the Vietnamese-language press in Vietnam has been talking about this event for several years, as a quick google search of “Hoàng Sa 1974” shows.

  • Robert Dodge

    I have traveled frequently in Vietnam since 2005, working on my photography book, http://www.Vietnam40YearsLater,com. I have found that the Vietnamese strongly dislike China, although they fear a war because of their adversary’s size. If anything, the government seems of two faces. On the one hand they are encouraging this nationalistic sentiment. But this comes after arresting 40 bloggers and and journalists last year and sending many to jail for criticizing the government’s China policies.

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