Profit Motives
Asian Factories Pick Low-Hanging Green Fruit
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  • TommyTwo

    “The West is actively proving that economies can grow sustainably”



  • qet

    Economies can grow so long as you do not offset growth numbers by an amount that is some function of unemployment and/or employment below a wage X. As far as Asia goes, to the extent that their “efficiency retrofits” are driven by the prospect of regulation, I fail to understand how that is necessarily a good thing in the capitalist/efficiency/cost-reduction sense. The same dynamic works here and would work even more if the greens had their way. They would love nothing more than to “encourage” retrofitting by the prospect of mountains of new regulations. The money saved can only be money that would taxed/fined away by the State under the regulations because if the retrofits were more efficient than the existing installations they would be implemented even absent the prospect of regulations, right?

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