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Green Fraud Growing in China
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  • bigfire

    Don’t worry. They’ll execute a couple of low level offenders to get the message across. That’s how business corruption is ‘solved’ in China.

  • LivingRock

    It doesn’t take “Green schemes” to cull dishonesty out of polluters. Many states in our very own US of A rely on self reported data from the emitter to issue air permits. The regulatory agency basically asks: “Does your facility emit under a certain threshold in order to qualify for an “exemption” from the standard permit?” All you have to do is pay a consultant to develop a model that claims to show just that. Some paper work and two weeks later, presto an exemption! In TX that threshold is 25 tons annually. There sure are a lot of facilities that come in right around 24 tons per year. What a coincidence… /s

  • TommyTwo

    “This isn’t the first time green schemes have been revealed as particularly vulnerable to fraud.”

    I am stunned and distraught to tears at the thought that people might cynically exploit my noble and pure intentions for their own pecuniary purposes.

    (The melting of the ice caps and glaciers is Mother Gaea joining me in my tears.)

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