Renewable Retrenchment
What We Can Learn from Spain’s Solar Snafu
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  • Bruce

    The moral of the story is that you can’t distort and subsidize unviable markets forever. Hopefully, the Federal Reserve is paying attention given that they have distorted all financial markets and that time bomb will go off at some point.

  • Scott Morgan

    Not important but isn’t the idiom (cliche) either having the rug pulled out from under you or having a problem swept under the rug? I don’t believe I’ve heard of having the rug swept out from under someone. I guess that’s what happens when my lazy son won’t lift his legs as I try to vacuum around him :).

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Government Monopoly is incompetent at making economic decisions which should be left to the free market, which has the “Feedback of Competition” to inform them.

  • Michael Ferrin

    “[T]hink of what’s happening in countries like Spain … where they’re making real investments in renewable energy. They’re surging ahead of us, poised to take the lead in these new industries.” (Barack Obama, Jan. 2009)

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