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Eyeing China, India and Japan Vow Closer Military Ties
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  • Anthony

    Orientalism may still color interpretation of pursuits in Pacific region (and Southeast Asia). Nevertheless, power politics as viewed by China’s neighbors (Japan, India, et al) warrant keeping eye on both China’s rise and CCP (foreign policy mandarins and national security establishment) so deeper cooperation could be a consequence.

  • Pete

    China is hemmed in.

  • rheddles

    They have really proven to be a bull.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Nothing proves the incompetence of the Obama Administration like the failure to take advantage of opportunities engendered by Chinese Belligerence. Despite the so called “Asian Pivot” where is the Asian economic and military alliance which would enhance the American hegemony and economy.

    • Anthony

      The U.S. (Obama Administration) has been pushing an eleven-nation Trans Pacific Partnership but Asians nations chose trade bloc that, unlike U.S.’s, invites China – NY Times Asia Pacific. ASEAN governments have negotiated regional comprehensive economic partnership exclusive of United States.

  • Bretzky1

    Even if China’s rise were as peaceful as China’s leaders were claiming it would be a decade ago, there’d probably still be a coming together of India and Japan over security issues simply as a hedge against future Chinese belligerence. Not to have done so would have been negligent on the part of India’s and Japan’s leaders, especially India since they’ve already been the victim of Chinese aggression.

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