ACA Fail Fractal
The Great Oregon ACA Debate, Part Two
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  • Kevin

    Is there no cheaper and less disruptive way to prevent financial instability due to medical costs? PPACA. Is like hunting mesquitos with howitzers if this is all it will do.

  • anamax

    > McArdle goes on to argue that Obamacare really isn’t targeted to lower costs nationally or make people healthier; it’s targeted to make Americans more financially stable by shifting costs around.

    Note that McArdle doesn’t actually provide any evidence for that argument. That’s because there’s no evidence that anyone involved in creating Obamacare had that goal. Yes, that would be a good goal and parts of Obamacare may have that effect, but many other parts have the opposite effect and the overall result is reduced financial stability. There’s no way a sane person with that goal would have come up with Obamacare.

  • Corlyss

    I vote for returning to the dark ages, when health insurance used to be a benefit of employment, and putting the useless people on welfare to work.

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