Eldercare Crisis
Moving the Elderly from Institutions to Their Own Homes
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  • Jane the Actuary

    Actually, I’m not really convinced that at-home eldercare is the way to go. If we’re talking about grandma living with her son or daughter’s family, that’s one thing (though in such a case, the “cheapness” of the care comes from the fact that the care is unpaid), but if it’s a matter of a “shut-in” as they used to be called, that seems pretty lonely to me, and fixing nursing homes to restore dignity seems a better way to go. I’ve also never understood how in-home care can be cheaper, for an individual requiring the same level of care, since there are no economies of scale to a 1:1 home health aide caring for a single elderly person vs. a more cost-efficient ratio in a nursing home.

    • Jim__L

      Well Jane, you’re welcome to go to a nursing home if you think that would work for you.

      I hope we never get to the point where a bureaucrat gets to make that decision for everyone.

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