Filth to Table
Relentless Pollution is Poisoning China’s Food, Soil
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  • TommyTwo

    So the Chinese need to worry that their rice may contain too much cadmium, leading to organ failure, cancer, and severely weakened bones. Similarly, the Filipinos need to worry that their rice may contain beta-carotene, leading to possible overpopulation and increased ocular sensitivity.

    Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.


  • Rick Johnson

    “There’s this pressure from the central government on Hunan to maintain a high level of yield for rice production. On the other hand, rice production never gives you the same kind of G.D.P. growth that industrial development gives you.”
    This is the problem with any State run system. It is designed to meet a measurable target, in this case GDP growth, rather than meet the needs of the people, in this case edible food.

    The West has the same problem with State run health and education systems.

  • SDLakeshore

    China; welcome to the West.

    • rheddles

      Yeah, as a westerner I worry about what’s in my food before every meal.

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