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Why do Christians and so many other people believe in an invisible ruler and creator of the universe – and then how does the Christian idea of God differ from the others?

Published on: December 29, 2013
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  • Jim__L

    A couple of additional points from experience —

    – When I was confirmed, I had a feeling of peace and truth that I had never felt before or since. Many people I know who are baptized after infancy report something similar. Other rites of passage — various graduation events and such — didn’t compare at all. This isn’t a huge conversion experience like others have reported, and it can’t be scientifically calibrated, but the fact of these experiences point to something causing the experience.

    – Empirical science falls absolutely flat when it comes to the reports of the person of Christ — by definition, it has no tools to analyze or evaluate the unique at such a distance in time. Christians believe that what witnesses reported 2000 years ago is true. Trying to disprove it by any scientific measure is at best trying to prove a negative, and at worst an attempt to justify malignant personal habits using scientific trappings (which is an evil act.)

    • Fred

      Well said, Jim.

  • Anthony

    The three Abrahamic religions all imbue both transcendence and life’s meaning (what is life really about). “Most people believe in God because they feel life means something.” Yule Blogs give (in this Christmas season) another opportunity for those so inclined to reflect further (De veritate disputandum est). Thanks.

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