Obama and the SSA
Fighting Disability Fraud
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  • Bruce

    It would be surprising if they truly enforce tighter standards. These disability recipients surely vote in large numbers for Dems.

  • Kavanna

    Isn’t the whole point to shrink the labor force and the number counted as unemployed, while adding to the rolls of those dependent on government? Dependency, not recovery — that’s the Obama way.

  • Robert Bennett

    I am a retired MD. The definition of “disability” is a major problem in all disability programs. Some of the most physically disabled patients I saw were gainfully employed and proud of it. An orthopedist once told me he could predict which worker’s comp patients would improve by looking at their information sheet. Those who stated their occupation as “disabled” would not get better. Those who gave an occupation were almost always likely to improve. In essence, disability is either a state of mind or, in many cases, deliberate fraud. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Those who are not deliberately fraudulent could, theoretically, be reached by psychotherapy or occupational rehabilitation.

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