UK to Become Largest European Economy?
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  • Pincher Martin

    The UK bigger than Germany? You guys here at Mead Inc. will believe anything.

    • TommyTwo

      I’m not willing to invest any money based on this.

      However, keep in mind:
      1. Germany’s self-inflicted shot in the foot in the form of its insane energy policy
      2. Germany’s membership in the Eurozone
      3. Germany’s poor demographics compared to the UK.

      • Pincher Martin


        1) Insane policies are easy to change. The more insane a policy is, the less likely I would use it to make long term projections.

        2) Being in the Eurozone hasn’t prevented Germany from having slightly better growth than the UK over the last five years. If the Euro’s recent well-publicized troubles couldn’t provide the UK with an economic advantage over Germany, why should the next fifteen years look any different?

        3) The UK’s demographic advantage is reliant on questionable immigration policies. I’m not sure I would bet that having a lot of young, unemployed Muslim and Eastern European men in a workforce is the key to a thriving economic future.

  • PKCasimir

    Yeah and pigs will fly too!

  • Jim__L

    A very wise person whose work I read from time to time once pointed out that true exponential curves really don’t exist in nature.

    Comparing and contrasting British, French, and German economic decisions and outcomes can be a useful exercise, though.

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