Massacre in Central Africa
Samantha Power Visits CAR, US Remains Noncommittal
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  • Ed

    One way to get around the complete lack of support for US involvement would be via the use of (responsible) private military companies. We’re giving $100 million to some UN corruption racket for CAR anyway, and that money would be better spent contracting a PMC to go in and either liquidate one side or keep the warring parties apart. It could be effective and would come at minimal political risk.

  • qet

    President Obama did not appoint Powers to go around the world getting the US involved in other countries’ civil wars. He appointed her to run around Tweeting “R2P!” and saying things like “The US is watching.” The NYT and WaPo will proclaim this “smart diplomacy” and his ever-shrinking base will continue to venerate him for it. And in fact it may well turn out to be smart diplomacy. Sending the US military into African civil war zones where they will have no choice but to shoot or bomb black people would be a(nother) PR/”international law” disaster of the first order for the US. Another Iraq. I don’t see Ed’s recommendation of private military companies as preventing that bad outcome.

  • Pete

    ““The people who live” through these conflicts, as we wrote elsewhere on this site recently, “are made in God’s image as much as anybody else and they are infinitely dear to him, and to remain indifferent to the suffering of people there is to fail in our clear duty to our Creator and to some degree to betray our own humanity.””

    So what is Mr.Mead himself actually willing to do about civilizing these children of God aside from flapping his gums?

    Should we parachutist him and his kiddies in to stop the killing ….or is that risk reserved for the middle and lower class among us and not Mr. Mead and his ilk?

  • TommyTwo

    “Samantha Powers offered ‘a blunt and simple’ message, according to the New York Times: ‘the United States is watching.'”

    Given the awe-inspiring way the US is squandering its reputation, this message is as effective as the local perennial: “Via Meadia will be watching.” Do our betters not realize it is better to be seen as isolationist than impotent, or do they simply suffer from verbal incontinence?

    • Corlyss

      As long as all the US does is watch, it’s okay by me. Duty to Protect is a fool’s errand, an invitation to desolation and waste without getting a gosh darn thing in return except caskets.

  • free_agent

    You write, ‘US interest in CAR, Power has reluctantly admitted, is nonexistent except for a vague desire to prevent “another Rwanda.”’

    “The experience of Bosnian Muslims lays to rest one myth at least — that if the world knew in detail what Hitler was doing, we would have acted differently.” — James Carroll, Boston Globe

    Although I do find it interesting that spending $100 million is counted as “not much”. True, it is nowhere near enough to stop the fighting, but it’s still a lot of money.

  • Kavanna

    R2P: awesome, dude. Does anyone believe the US any more?

    Maybe CAR can shut down as a real country and reopen as a website.

  • “Not much.” Good. There is not one thing in any islamic country worth the life of one American soldier or Marine, or ONE taxpayer dollar. The Left likes Darwin so much that their continued refusal to apply it to geopolitics continually fascinates. American politicians just must learn that we CANNOT and SHOULD not stick our noses in everywhere. If nations want to defend themselves, let them pay their own way (Japan, Germany, Britain, France, etc., etc – the ENTIRE WEST). If one pre-modern tribe is going to take over another – well, that’s the way the pre-modern world works- always has and always will, and nothing in the modern world will change that. Unless the US and the other Great Powers are willing to re-colonize these absurd “nations” that are nothing but fiefdoms of local warlords – and that means constant military and civil presence and NOT letting them do what THEY want, but forcing them to do what WE want: ACT PEACEFULLY, develop civil institutions, etc., then we need to just SHUT UP and let Darwin work. How do you think WE got to the Modern Age other than through Darwin, anyway?

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