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Saudis Digging In Their Heels
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  • rheddles

    Maybe this has something to do with it.

  • PKCasimir

    This analysis assumes that US and Saudi interests are the same. It’s time to step back and reassess this relationship in light of the US’s new energy independence. The Saudis see the US as an ally of convenience. There are no shared values between the two nations. The Saudis practice a brand of religious fanaticism just as hostile to the US as the Iranian brand. Forgotten, it seems, is that 9/11, the worst terrorism attack ever on American soil, was carried out by Wahhabi fanatics with the backing of elements of the Saudi monarchy, a fact suppressed behind a wall of classification in the official 9/11 report. President Bush, given the energy situation in 2011, had reasonable cause for suppressing this evidence. But, times have changed. Is the US’s alliance with Saudi Arabia really in our national interest? Is Saudi Arabia really an ally we can trust?
    There are limits to US power and there is very little we can do to influence events on the ground in Syria. And short of all-out war there is little the US can do to stop the Iranians from obtaining nuclear weapons. The best we can do is to delay the day when they acquire them.
    Does anyone seriously believe that the Saudis are not, right now, discussing nuclear weapons with Pakistan?

  • rheddles

    Thinking more about this article, which is really very important, China is not playing it safe. China is just waiting. They will take all the oil the Saudis can pump.

  • lukelea

    OT, but is there anything to this story in the New York Post: Inside the Saudi Cover-up

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