The Promise of Technology
The World Wants Radically Different Health Care
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  • qet

    Answering survey questions and living with the reality are two entirely different things. These same people would complain roundly were they required to see a doctor via video or if their shared personal info was used by spammers or more nefarious types. What they really men by these answers is: “I would not object to a health care system that relied on video visits so long as I could always see a doctor in person when I wanted to.” Honestly, that serious people still call it “research” and “science” when conclusions on important matters are drawn from statistical treatements of answers to surveys is just mind boggling. This is just like the ACA. its flaws were trumpted and known in general and, in some cases, specific terms prior to passage and immediately afterward. Surveys still showed all kinds of “support” for it. Now that it is a reality people are having to actually deal with, they hate it.

    • Kevin

      I am skeptical for the my skepticism comes from the other end. Around the world health care is more and more the concern of government budgets and regulations. The future of health care will be drive. By what governments want and permit, not what consumers want, or so I fear.

  • Andrew Allison

    Hospitals are where one goes for treatment, doctor’s office and labs for diagnosis, which is what the questions are all about. If there is a conclusion to be drawn from this report, it is that first-line medical care, not hospitals, is the endangered species.

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