Democrats Brace Themselves for December Defections
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Just fixing the website isn’t going to solve the internal structural problems of Obamacare, which are ultimately going to bring down Obamacare.

    I’m detecting a huge silver lining to the whole Obamacare debacle, and not just because the Socialist Democrats are going to suffer a massive beating. As more and more people are forced out of health insurance, and have to pay cash for health services, as well as Doctors and Health facilities being dropped as providers, the “feedback of competition” is being put back into the Medical Industry.

    The “feedback of competition” is responsible for the continuous improvements in Quality, Service, and Price in the free market, and has been sadly lacking since health insurance became standard. It’s ironic that it is the decline in Quality, Service, and Price in the Medical Industry traceable to the rise in health insurance, that allowed Obamacare to pass. And it’s the damage being done to the health insurance companies (they are going to be scapegoated by the Democrats, and lose most of their paying customers) by Obamacare, which has given rise to the return of the “feedback of competition”.

    • Andrew Allison

      I was 100% in agreement with you until the last sentence. IMO, neither healthcare nor health insurance are free markets. The former enjoys the benefits of an utter lack of transparency; the latter has fought tooth and nail both to restrain intrastate competition and to increase revenue.

      • Corlyss

        Well, yeah, of course they aren’t free markets, Andrew, not under current law. They could be – I would imagine they would prefer that to extinction facing them under Obamacare.

  • Corlyss

    “it still looks unlikely that the site will be completely operational six days from now.”

    That WAS what Dear Leader promised some weeks ago. Today NPR carried a report that some WH stooge is saying now that by the promised deadline “people will have a rewarding experience on the website” or some such malarkey that’s supposed to sound like they will live up their promise. It’s impossible with as much as 40% of the website unbuilt as of last week. One thing you can count on? If they ADMIT to 40% it’s probably a LOT more than that.

  • Pete

    So, congressional democrats are trying to distance themselves from the law that THEY passed.
    That won’t fly.

    • Ann_NY

      They not only passed it, they wrote it. It’s as much a Pelosi/Reid bill as it is a piece of Obama legislation.

  • Anthony

    “Democrats…to try to persuade constituents that they aren’t responsible for bungled rollout.” Constituents will be persuaded for they rarely vote for their objective interests; generally many constituents vote for some fantasy (famous words: we passed ACA; it’s up to administration to implement).

  • Roy_Lofquist

    Ask any cop about TODDIT – the other dude did it.

    Doesn’t work for the crims. Won’t work for the Dems.

  • Boritz

    …the White House now seems confident…VM
    When were they not?.

  • Corlyss

    One big entitlements program was repealed:
    I remember that glorious day when the Gray Panthers surrounded Rostenkowski’s limo pounding the roof and hood with their signs. It was delicious.

  • ljgude

    “The Congress did our job. We passed the ACA. It’s up to the administration to implement the law.” No, Congress didn’t do its job which is to pass workable legislation and the administration didn’t do theirs by failing to even create a working website three years later. Some unkind Republican pointed out that it took FDR less time from Dec 7, 1941 to secure German surrender. This is what degeneracy looks like and I am not excusing Republicans either.

    • TheCynical1

      Ironically, a common lesson might also be drawn from the WW2 and ACA experiences. Both illustrate that the government’s core competency is to take away life, liberty, and property. But this time, sadly, the target is us, not the Axis.

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