"The Wright Brothers Era is Over" For Driverless Cars
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  • mgoodfel

    What I would like is a “follow that car” mode. Then when I’m on a long drive, I can just get behind a semi, turn on the follow mode, and not have to drive for hours.

    My car can accelerate and brake faster than the semi, so there’s no move it will make that my car couldn’t match. Yet the semi driver will do everything that requires intelligence — change lanes to avoid road construction, slow in bad weather, follow detours, etc.

    This would be much simpler than a true self-driving car, and as safe as driving gets. Groups of cars could line up in convoys, only breaking away when they approach their exits.

    I’ve read about proposals to do this, but it’s never taken off as a feature. I’m not sure why not.

  • Fat_Man

    Actually there are millions of driverless cars on the road every day. Oh, there is a human being behind the wheel, but he is talking on the phone, or texting, or reading a newspaper, or eating — and don’t forget the all time favorite — applying make-up. I see driverless cars everywhere.

    Having computers operate the car while the drivers are otherwise engaged would be a big step forward.

  • Gerald

    The concept sounds good, but the last four (expensive and presumably well designed) vehicles I have owned have all suffered from frequent sensor failures and extremely expensive maintenance. The requirements for self driving vehicles will be considerably more complex and maintenance will in all likelihood be even expensive. I would be a bit cautious in expecting to see broad scale implementation anytime soon.

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