Ukraine: Broke, or Defiant?
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  • Mark Michael

    The politics of Ukraine is complicated. The current PM is from the eastern side that is dominated by imported Russians from the Soviet era. Their natural tendency was to strengthen ties with Russia rather than Europe. Recall, they (barely) defeated Yulia Tymoshenko in the last election. Recall the “Rose Revolution” and the previous PM who was disfigured with some toxic liquid/acid? thrown on his face (or put in his food, I forget now), who came from the western side of the country and more inclined to Europe.

    The current PM is not exactly an angel in how he conducts politics (or is Yulia T. either), so his outreach to the EU has been a little surprising, given how the Russians had “supported” his election. A little behind-the-scenes probing might turn up some interesting details that could better explain what’s going in the Ukraine.

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