Obamacare’s PR Free Fall Challenges Both Sides
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  • Anthony

    “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan…It was an irresponsible promise, a cowardly cave-in to focus-group findings that it was what Americans wanted to hear. But it didn’t make sense as a promise and didn’t make sense as a description of any plausible insurance reform.”

    Market insurance provision is a complex and potentially deceptive selling of health care coverage. See related material: nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/11/clinton-endorses-keep-your-plan-wont-say-how.html

  • vepxistqaosani

    If it is true that we currently spend $2.7 trillion on health care for a population of 314 million, that’s $8600 per capita, or $34,400 for the ever-more-mythical family of four.

    But median household income is $52,800 or about $19,300 per capita.

    Still, _somebody’s_ got to pay the $8600 per capita — and even if we confiscate all the income of the 1%, we’ll still fall a few trillion dollars short.

    • ljgude

      Don’t know how you arrived at $8600 per capita, but it is very close to the $8508 From this per capita healthcare graph here: http://bit.ly/1627Nl2 That is on the order of double other first world countries cost per capita.

  • Corlyss

    Wait till a few good Americans discover their data is for sale via the felons and ACORN criminals hired as navigators, a program no doubt designed less to help the perplexed find health care than to revive the fortunes of criminals exposed in the ACORN and voter registration scandals.


  • tarentius

    The “broken system” description is like “global warming”- buzz words for the leftist progressives. In fact, 85% of the American people were satisfied with their health care before Obamacare was passed. But then, the people who passed and support Obamacare think that that 85% are too stupid to know any better.

    • Fred

      They’re right. The American public is a collective drooling, mouth-breathing moron. Case in point, Obama was elected twice.

  • Bruce

    The problem isn’t that people need to get new policies. It’s that the new ones are 40% higher in cost. Furthermore, there are ways to do this without requiring 60 year old men to pay for birth control.

  • ljgude

    Some of my lefty friends here in Australia say that the American people wont give up universal health care now that they have it. That was true in Australia when the Conservative party (called Liberals) eliminated the universal healthcare enacted by the Labor party in the 70s. The conservatives were thrown out and Labor reinstated the universal medical system. But looking at what the Democrats have done in the US, I am not sure that it will work out like that. The ACA is a change to the insurance system, not government run healthcare. I don’t think at this point that there will be massive resistance to repealing it because not a lot of people will perceive it as getting free medical care. Certainly the people who chose to pay the fine wont be opposing repeal. Likewise the people who find them selves paying more and/or forced into lover levels of coverage will not be viewing this as an entitlement but a burden. I think it likely that it will get patched and ‘fixed’ but it will be difficult to get people to see it as an improvement. I know a young man was put off his parents medical insurance but was put back on under the ACA. He had some medical problems and was covered. Then the insurance company changed the rules – now it’s a $1200 deductible effectively reducing his coverage to only cover major incidents. I think that is going to be the general experience, more people will be covered but it will cost more. Of course repealing the ACA wont address the underlying problem of US healthcare costing about twice the OECD average, any more than passing it did. http://pgpf.org/Chart-Archive/0006_health-care-oecd

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