Racism Mucking Up Relations Between India and Nigeria
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  • bill reeves

    Far and away the most forthright expressions of racist animosity that I’ve ever seen came from ordinary Indonesians of Javanese ethnicity. And I’m from the south. A lot of the world is far behind us in this regard.

    • Kavanna

      Animosity towards whites, blacks from Africa … ?

      The South got over its racism with a good dose of American civic religion, viewing blacks and whites as Americans first. Applied properly, civic religion is a potent cure for racism, and also for religious hatred.

  • Rahul Moon

    Yes but there are certain class of people who deliberately support caste discrimination. But not all INDIAN,s as myself, being from a backward caste face caste discrimination. But me and people like me are fighting against those dogs to rule out rasicm.
    You can checkout my article on Rasicm at http://rahulrmoon.blogspot.in/2013/11/privatization-bug-to-end-backward-caste.html

    • Kavanna

      Are the Nigerians viewed in India as somehow part of a despised caste, because of their dark skin?

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