NYT Blinded by the Sun
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  • Andrew Allison

    It’s “through the nose”!

  • crabtown

    And third, since when has “we started so we can’t stop now” been an good reason to charge ahead?

    • Corlyss

      In administrations with no humility, doubling down on bad ideas has always been better than admitting a mistake. Besides, Obamacare is not really a mistake. It’s all about power. Now that the Statists know Americans are more than willing to give up control and privacy for a few shekels in subsidies, they won’t stop till it becomes a functioning reality.

    • Bill_Woods

      Obamacare is ‘too big to fail’….

  • Corlyss

    Two things the NYT SHOULD have covered:

    1. The typhoon as a manifestation of the President’s lousy policies. Of course it’s absurd but let’s all recall that was exactly what they did re: Bush and the Indonesian tsunami.

    2. The fact that Doofus-in-Chief declined to attend the 150 anniversary celebrations around the Gettysburg Address. Apparently he felt his rhetoric wouldn’t hold up in comparison to Lincoln’s. Let’s think for a second: is there anyone alive today who could hope to match that rhetoric? And since when did the celebrations become a contest to see who could match or best Lincoln? Naturally, Doofus’ take on it is that the celebration would be all about him.

    There’s no end to the extent to which this sorry a*s in the White House disappoints – the ways are too numerous to catalogue.

  • lukelea

    What’s that old definition of a fanatic? Someone who redouble his effort when things don’t go the way he expected.

    I’ll be curious to see if the NYT issues post mortem once the alarmist global warming “consensus” finally breaks down? Or will they just quietly move on?

    Viewed purely as a social phenomenon, global warming hysteria has been a fascinating example of the madness and delusion of crowds.

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