Investors Get Out of Illinois While The Gettin’s Good
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  • wigwag

    “Illinois may be closer to collapse than the rest, but this is where many unreformed blue model states are heading.” (Via Meadia)

    Really? How do you explain this, Professor Mead? The New York State Pension Plan is fully funded; in fact it’s the second healthiest state pension plan in the nation. The last I looked, New York is pretty blue.

    Oh, by the way, the healthiest public employee pension plan in the country belongs to Washington, D.C. That’s a pretty blue place too, isn’t it Professor Mead?

    • Anthony

      WigWag, unrelated but Adam Garfinke has long piece in Tablet that you will be interested in:

      • wigwag

        Hi Anthony. I read Adam’s “Tablet” article a few days ago. He makes some good points, but there are also some important things I think Adam gets wrong. In particular, I wasn’t impressed with Adam’s triangle metaphor. I don’t think American support of Israel depends on the three factors Adam describes in his triangle example.

        What I found particularly interesting is how Adam’s view contradicts many assertions that Walter Russell Mead has made in several of his essays for Via Meadia.

        Anyway, I am being rude by discussing all of this on Professor Mead’s real estate. If Adam decides to allude to the Tablet article in a post at his AI blog, I will provide you with more details about what I think.

        Thank you again for the heads up.

    • Andrew Allison

      Two swallows do not a summer make.

  • Anthony

    “This is failure at its slowest and most painful.” No, no, no WRM; the failure may be painful but has been moving rapidly 30 plus years. All underlain by inside deals via state “combine” as well as machine politics, fiscal malfeasance, corruption, etc., etc., etc. 13 million Illinoisan are in need of some serious reflection…

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