A Japanese Master’s Film Stirs Nationalist Emotions
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  • michaelj68

    Curious if the movie “The Right Stuff” was made today would Wernher von Braun be treated differently. Since the movie was made more information has come out about the V-2 he developed was built with slave labor in factories carved out of mountains where a large percentage of the slave labor force died. Looking at the plot of the movie it also features Gianni Caproni, the great early Italian plane designer. Caproni made a name for himself with his WW I era heavy bombers. His planes were also used by Mussolini.

  • Dexter Scott

    Japan should feel no shame at all for making excellent aircraft and ships.

    How they were used is another matter.

    • michaelj68

      You bring up that point and I do not remember any complaints about the various versions of Space Battleship Yamato.

  • Boono

    Those crazy Asians! Such nonsense could never happen here, right?

    Well, for those who haven’t been paying attention: we are supposed to boycott Ender’s Game, a movie (and book) which goes out of its way to hit us over the head with its message of tolerance, because the author of the book, Orson Scott Card, has the temerity to be opposed to same-sex marriage.

    Tolerance, ain’t it grand.

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