Greens Incapable of Picking Their Battles
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  • S.C. Schwarz

    Sadly, I think you are misinterpreting Chait’s article. The KXL fight is a publicity stunt and a successful one at that. The real action, as Chait’s says, is over at EPA where the greens are winning everything they always dreamed of. Already EPA has mandated CAFE standards of 52.5 MPG and effectively banned any new coal-fired power plants. Those are actions that would never has passed Congress but they don’t need Congress anymore. Now that CO2 is a pollutant under the CAA the EPA can do as they like. Next up will be closing down existing coal plants, requiring only zero emission cars, etc. China of course will ignore all this and will increasingly come to dominate the world as our economy crumbles.

    Only one thing can derail this agenda: if the greens/EPA (same thing really) go too fast and the public catches on to what they’re doing, and elects a Republican President, a Republican House, and 60 Republicans to the Senate then maybe the greens can be stopped. Far fetched? Sure, but it’s the only thing that might work.

  • Brian O’Connor

    “But still the green movement stumbles along, filled with confidence imbued by climate science (confidence that’s looking increasingly shaky). . .”

    I’d argue that any waning in green confidence is minimal, that it’s the science that looks increasingly shaky.

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