Egypt’s Military Brings Back Old Regime as US Goals Collapse in Failure
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  • Anthony

    WRM more than textbook example of result of going it alone, current Egypt reflects enduring nature of exclusive political and economic institutions – changing factions do not change institutional arrangements and exclusive legacy (and yes entropy results). Now, how are interests going forward are reshaped remains open…

  • qet

    Let’s not forget the brain trust that is the nation’s current foreign policy directorate, who attempt to refute reality with doctoral dissertations. This gem of Power’s will no doubt lead future historians to rank her with Talleyrand and Bismarck: “Our judgment was brand them, name them, shame them, and then try to leverage assistance in a fashion to make this work.”
    The only thing missing from this statement is the word “praxis.” Sheesh.

  • wigwag

    A President with a brain in his head would be increasing American financial and military support for the Egyptian Generals not reducing that support. Unfortunately we don’t have a President with a brain in his head

  • Corlyss

    In ordinary times, Egyptian stability would be more important than anything else going on in the region. Thanks to Dear Leader’s cosmic ineptitude, so much has gone wrong in the region that even if Egypt were stable, I don’t think it would do much to improve the regional situation. However, an unstable Egypt can do a lot to increase the dangers in the region. Kudos to the military for realizing the risk to their nation at least, and doing something about it. I don’t care what they do to the Muslim Brotherhood, and neither should our foreign policy establishment. The enemy of our enemy is our friend.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    This is all the fault of the incompetent and weak Obama, he alienated our allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia, and practically murdered Mubarak in favor of the Terrorist supporting Muslim Brotherhood. Brilliant they call him, when the evidence is all on the other side of the ledger.

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