The Real Economic Crisis: America’s Cities Are on Life Support
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Cities are going to be forced to cut back workers pay and benefits to something comparable to that received by workers for private businesses. Cuts in services will also be needed if growth rates are ever to be restored.

  • Pete

    “Cities are trying everything to cut costs or boost revenue—”


    The public sector is still grossly over compensated and over staffed.

    City officials fear the unions too much to cut to the degree appropriate — and that includes the absurd pensions handed out for the last 30-years.

  • Anthony

    The future of cities as you imply WRM lies with its people and the confluence of factors (economic stagnation, declining tax bases, legacy costs, etc.) forcing attention to fiscal unsustainability. However, everybody seems to acknowledge the basic fiscal difficulties but few exhibit the inclination to start the task of fixing it (Manhattan Institute held conference titled “Save Our Cities” supplementing Quick Take’s view).

  • stan

    The news media doesn’t cover the governance disaster of the big cities because the big cities are predominantly governed by Democrats. The corrupt big city machine is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party all across the country. The news media isn’t going to expose the true extent of their corruption and incompetence. Voters might notice.

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