Pakistan Loads up on Nukes As Fighting Escalates On the Indo-Pak Border
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  • lukelea

    Who’s to say Pakistan really has tactical nuclear weapons? They’ve never demonstrated one. In fact Pakistan’s only “nuclear” test ever looked suspiciously like a big dynamite explosion out of the side of a mountain.

    But the biggest give-away is that Israel doesn’t seem at all worried about this unstable Islamic nuclear power.

    The public perception that Pakistan is a nuclear power is better understood as a piece of international deception to which all the world’s nuclear powers were a party for the simple reason that it was in everyone’s interest to foster the idea in order to prevent the reality (which Pakistan could barely afford anyway). Keeping the deception going however is increasingly difficult.

  • Fat_Man

    I will repeat my previous advice on Pakistan.

    Once the USA has removed its personnel from Afghanistan, it should commence a bombing campaign to destroy all the dangerous toys it has given to the Pakistan military. The USA owes to the world.

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