Obamacare Leaving Rural America Behind
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  • rheddles

    They didn’t vote for him. And their dead people don’t usually vote. Chicago rules.

    • Corlyss

      We are such shameful cynics . . .

  • Corlyss

    “Obamacare Leaving Rural America Behind”

    How could it leave behind something that was never on board? Health care delivery to rural America was the subject of the 90’s sitcom Northern Exposure. It was bad then. It’s worse now. It’s going to get even more so with the pending Obamacare-produced doctor shortage. They can’t even sing the refrain from Big Yellow Taxi because they never had it to lose in the first place.

  • USNK2

    Rural Americans, even in deep Blue states, are being left behind because that 2009 Stimulus that included high speed internet access is still in progress (snail’s pace), and rural towns and villages are more dependent on the USPS. Home values are dropping.

    The general problem with Obamacare seems to be the mandated specifics that have to be covered, regardless of whether the consumer of the insurance policy needs the mandated covberage.

    Some states are so rural the population pool is probably not big enough to entice insurers to participate.

    The regulation of insurance companies by each state is an interesting hurdle to overcome without somehow making things worse.

  • ljgude

    I grew up in rural America and all I can say is: “But of course.” It has been a long time since the rural working classes have been a significant voting block as WRM has pointed out a time or two. Given that the NY Times is mouthpiece of the Blue Establishment I would say this story is deliberately putting the focus on a minor unintended consequence of a disastrously written bill. So far all we have seen is monster unintended consequences and it still quite possible that is all we will ever see.

  • free_agent

    Perhaps this observation is related to the fact that rural America is the base of the Tea Party and the Tea Party detests Obamacare.

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