Saudi Arabia Inches Toward Anti-US Policy
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  • Corlyss

    Interesting how obsequious bowing and ring-kissing is no substitute for intelligent and consistent middle east policy.

    There is one helpful guide, namely, for a nation to keep its word and to act in accordance with its treaty obligations to allies. This guide is called honour. – Winston Churchill.

  • Kavanna

    The Obamanoids did fumble the relationship with Israel, which is now pulling further and further from the US. That’s not a new trend. It started in 2001-2, after the disastrous failure of the Oslo process, something the Israeli political establishment had heavily invested in. Since then, the US has given the impression of being off course in the Middle East, and the Israelis have grown more and more skeptical and puzzled. Not not they dislike America as a country — far from it — but the decadence and inexplicable wanderings of America’s political class are not reassuring for a serious country like Israel.

    The most serious failing of the Obamanoids, though, isn’t Israel, but its double failure, to do something serious about Iran, and the serious missteps in handling the Arab Spring and its aftermath. These two together are the mark of failure that will influence events in the region for years to come, along with America’s gradual withdrawal from involvement and seriousness in the world.

    According to his hacks and apologists, Obama was supposed to “restore America’s standing.” Far from accomplishing this, Obama has delivered an apparent knock-out blow to a standing already under some strain.

  • Anthony

    The Obama Middle East foreign policy makes an easy target; but what geopolitically are our national interests going forward (many U.S. economic interests in Saudi Arabia involve government contracts in defense, other security sectors, healthcare, education, information technology and construction). Prince Bandar has a profile piece related to Quick Take in the Guardian:

  • RedWell

    As VM likes to point out, the US is moving toward breaking up the Saudi grip on world energy markets. If we can get a real nuke deal out of Iran (yes, a major “if”) and don’t need Saudi oil, what’s wrong if relations cool? The US-Saudi relationship is an ugly marriage of convenience. If there is such as thing as an evil regime, the Saudis are right up there with the Iranians. If we’re talking geopolitical influence, we need the Saudis less than they need us. Further, the Saudis may be gearing up for a more serious proxy fight with the Iranians because we won’t do it – and yes, the Saudis have consistently hoped and requested that we would do that dirty work for them.
    Obama is fumbling these relations, but the Saudis get a vote too. They’re afraid we’ll drop them for Machiavellian reasons. They’re probably correct, and it wouldn’t matter who is president.

  • FrankArden

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