NY Liberals Fight Gas in Politics, Burn it at Home
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  • Fat_Man

    My own feeling is that states that do not allow drilling, nuclear plants, etc. should have their imports of fuel and power restricted. E.G. if NY doesn’t allow fracking for natural gas, then it should be prevented from importing from other states and countries an amount of gas equal to the amount they would have gotten from fracking.

    • monsterdog

      Why? If NY wants to cut off its own nose to spite its face, that’s no reason to ban things. That’s the way of Democrat machine politics, not freedom. Just let them have their snit fit as long as they’re not hurting anyone but themselves.

  • Dan King

    I agree with Mr. Mead. I posted this article about NY gas earlier: http://trotskyschildren.blogspot.com/2013/03/luddites-against-fracking.html

    By the way, I think Fat_Man’s suggestion is unconstitutional, but it also is counterproductive. Why should PA gas producers be denied revenue and market share?

    • SongDog

      Poetic justice.

  • Matt B

    “Locally sourced” natural gas. Perfect.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    I would be very interested in the reasoning that suggests NY State will approve fracking any time soon. This is the state that closed a perfectly good nuclear reactor (Shoreham) before it could even be used. This is the state that has refused to this day to rebuild the West Side Highway, even though the federal government would have paid 90 percent of the cost. There is simply no constituency in NY State for such things as energy production. Manufacturing industries are long gone. The local politicians compete to see who can pander to the greens most assiduously. And the local media are as Luddite as the greens themselves.

    I have $5 that says we’ll never see fracking in New York in our lifetimes.

  • BenTheGuy

    Not in my backyard, right?

  • JohnnyL53

    This attitude by New Yorkers is very similar to the reasons used some time ago in California where they didn’t want anymore power plants built in the state so they encouraged the building of plants in other states and imported the power. I think this was probably gave a big impetus to Enron and their power trading scams.

    • AD_Rtr_OS

      …and then CA had rolling brown(and black)outs.
      But, it was all the fault of Enron because Shut Up!

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Need to bring back the Articles of Confederation so that PA can put an export tax on fracked gas going to NY.

  • koblog

    Similar to Southern California sucking all the water from everywhere. Lake Havasu City, AZ cannot use any of the water in Lake Havasu because it belongs to California. The Colorado river doesn’t even make it to the ocean — it’s sucked dry by Californians irrigating their lush lawns in the desert.

  • gitarfan

    Liberals, NIMBY pants all.

  • mikegiles

    Of course they’ll start fracking. NY is about to go bankrupt.

  • johnpaul

    I’m going to write my reps in Harrisburg to charge New York an extra tax to help with transportation and help support the fracking industry here. Screw ’em. Price gouge the crap out of those no good libs!

  • xbox361

    wish we could have them pay Gazprom rates once a commie is mayor

  • Corky Boyd

    New York is depriving itself of a lot of jobs in the depressed upstate area. It is also depriving its residents of some pretty good royalty income. Nearby Pennsylvania is reaping a gold mine. And its not just drilling jobs, it’s the manufacture of drilling pipe and a lot of services for the newly employed.
    But NY, including NYC, tends to follow suicidal economic policies. Wait until De Blasio makes it so uncomfortable for the 42,000 taxpayers that pay half of the city’s taxes, they decide to move out. And they won’t stay in the state. They will move to CT or NJ, maybe even FL (no income taxes) as Rush Limbaugh did.
    Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio can satisfy not only the national demand, but can ship LNG overseas. Their gain is NY’s loss.

  • costume

    The best way to get a liberal to drop their attacks on fracking is to announce that everybody has to give up their gas stoves. The idea of cooking over electric heat will horrify them.

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