The FT Warns Green Policies Hurting UK Competitiveness
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  • Kevin

    Green policies won’t really damage the financial industry in London and the service and entertainment industries that feed off it. In this way it’s like NY. The government and press in London can’t help but absorb this ethos. If the government and press were headquartered in Manchester or even York this worldview which ignores manufacturing and production in general would be less prevalent. The very strong and centralized party model of politics and the Oxbridge background of MPs in the UK also serves to reinforce this elite worldview in UK politics and what policies are even seriously considered.

  • Corlyss

    The FT Warns Green Policies Hurting UK Competitiveness

    What? Costly dead-end technologies made competitive only by misguided public policies, draconian regulation, and ideological Utopian balderdash supported by junk science are hurting a western nation’s competitiveness?

    I’m shocked! Shocked!

    Well, really the only shocking thing about the FT’s sudden realization is that something so obvious penetrated the left-wing media noggins long enough to squeeze the story out.

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