Royal Mail Leaves 20th Century, US Post in the Dust
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  • Corlyss

    You know, sometimes there’s an advantage in having an unwritten constitution. Because the postal service is one of the enumerated powers of Congress in our written Constitution, it will be very difficult to prize it out of their hands even under a guise of nominally retaining control over the function while privatizing the actual operations. Too much power in the ownership of the employees, too much power in controlling the function from a discreet distance as a GSE, too much power in employees in the congressional districts. Everyone can see from the PO latest difficulties that the legal fiction of an independent PO is easily penetrated to see who the real power behind it is: Congress. If that weren’t true, the PO would long ago have made the change to their pension funding that now keeps them $500 mi. in the red.

  • MFinn

    I believe that the USPS is the only federal department mentioned specifically in the Constitution; that might complicate matters when it comes to something like “privatization.”

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