Can We Just Admit That the Libyan Adventure Was a Really Bad Idea?
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  • qet

    Now this is the sort of Koestlerian ruthless truth-telling that keeps me coming back to Via Meadia! Punches 1, Pulled 0.

  • Corlyss

    If VM is waiting for the administration to admit it, lay in plenty of provisions cuz it’s going to be a loooooooooooooooooooog wait. Dear Leader in particular NEVER admits he did anything wrong or made a mistake.

  • Loader2000

    Long term, it is hard to say if it was a failure or not.
    South Korea oscillated between democracy and a sort of
    dictatorship for years after the Korean war, but eventually, transitioned to
    democracy. Of course, South Korea wasn’t
    torn apart by tribal factions the way Libya and Iraq are. Nevertheless, it is hard to predict where
    these states (in which we have intervened) will be in 30 years, had we not
    intervened. In WRM’s book ‘God and Gold’
    the professor suggests that there is a sort of God (or nature) driven force
    that acts on societies which have been freed which, eventually, after many
    starts and stops, drives them toward liberal democracies, at least for
    societies that are open enough to embrace some amount of change. I wouldn’t rule out these same forces acting
    on the Middle East. It just won’t happen
    overnight. However, that doesn’t mean
    that recent interventions which, at the very least, significantly stirred the
    pot, won’t accelerate this process.

  • avery12

    Why reach this conclusion vis a vis Libya yet urge for involvement backing ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria?

    • Matt B

      An excellent question. VM, please explain.

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