North Korea Opens Luxury Ski Resort
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  • lukelea

    The biggest favor the US ever did for China was kill Mao’s son during the Korean War. Otherwise China might resemble North Korea today. A Chinese gentleman made that observation.

  • USNK2

    I guess Kim Jong-un is anticipating a unified Korea in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.
    Or maybe just trying to provide an Alpine ski training venue for any North Korean not starving to death ?

  • DaeguDave

    Never miss a chance to disparage the leadership of the DPRK, do you? No doubt, there are many things that could and should take precedence over a ski resort, but this could have positive long-term effects as well. But lead with the idea that it is a colossal boondoggle, and continue to paint the DPRK as a crazy, ruthless and despotic country.

    • Corlyss

      “continue to paint the DPRK as a crazy, ruthless and despotic country.”
      But, gosh, the shoe is such a good fit . . .

  • DaeguDave
  • DaeguDave

    This might give you the perspective from the other side. Maybe you could stop and think about how people in other countries view our “liberation” and “peace-loving” efforts:

    • Corlyss

      Remind me why we should care?

      • crabtown

        Should have saved England and let the rest rot.

        Most of them have been bitching about being liberated for over 40 years.

        Nothing new.

        • DaeguDave

          We “saved” England so they could continue there broken empire. Churchill was only interested in preserving the crumbling British Empire, drawing lines in the middle east favorable to Britain, keeping control of India, allowing France to keep Indochina, trying to preserve Singapore and Malaysia for British rule. That was his main concern in winning the war.

        • Corlyss

          Don’t know that we could have saved England without saving the rest of western Europe. I think Churchill felt that too.

      • DaeguDave

        How about because they are people, just like you and I. Because what we did to their country 60 years ago was a war crime of the highest degree. And it was done in the name of the American people, and in the name of “freedom” and “democracy.” I realize these people are not blond-haired and blue eyed, but they have as much right to their happiness as we do to ours.

        • Corlyss

          Oh please. There’s so much wrong with the way you think as applied to large groups that I don’t know where to begin. If you think 99% of NoKor population is happily flourishing under one of the most tyrannical rules in the history of heinous tyrannies, you’re delusional. If you feel guilty about what Americans did in the 1950s, by all means, give ’em your last penny. I don’t feel guilty. I feel sorry for what their own people are doing to them, but as has been so often pointed out here, that’s their business until they start lobbing nuclear bombs in our direction. Lastly, I’m quite comfortable with what the US government did to Korea in my name, except for the part where they stopped at a stalemate. They should have prosecuted it right to Kim’s doorstep, seized him, jailed him, and executed him.

          • DaeguDave

            When, exactly has North Korea (or any country, for that matter) bombed the US? We killed over 3 million Koreans in that war, fought mainly between the US and China, using Korea as a staging ground. We bombed their dikes, causing famine and destruction throughout the country. We napalmed them and destroyed their cities, towns and villages. I am no fan the Kims, but read a bit of history before spouting off your American exceptionalism. I doubt that 99% of ANY country is happy, but do you even know what it was like in Korea before WWII? I suspect not, nor do you care. Are 99% of Americans happy? Tell that to the 3 million incarcerated in our prisons. Tell that to the 35, 000 per year who commit suicide, or the 30% hooked on drugs and alcohol in the US. They may not have everything we do materially, but how do you know what they are like? Oh, yeah, you read this blog. That tells you all you need, or want, to know.

          • Tom

            Lessee here, my options are: a country with 3 million prisoners (out of more than 300 million people), 35,000 yearly suicides (out of more than 300 million people), and 30% of people hooked on drugs; or a country that regularly has famines, is a gigantic prison, and where life is generally terrible unless you happen to be a high muckety-muck.
            Everyone ain’t happy here, but there’s many more, percentagewise, happy here than there.

  • Corlyss

    I can’t wait to see D. Rodman careening down the slopes. Should be worth a few minutes on youtube.

  • Mark Michael

    Google ski resorts and South Korea and you’ll get 7 of them. A nephew took a winter vacation at one; think it was Phoenix Park. I gather they have great slopes, given the mountainous terrain of S. Korea. Maybe Kim Jong-Un is simply figuring the North should have some ski resorts, too.

    • DaeguDave

      Wow, yeah, go figure. No, it can’t be that, he is just a crazy guy who wants to starve his people and be worshipped forever! (This is not directed at you, Mark–I appreciate your comment).

    • Dr. Wilhelm Ropke

      Yes, Mark, many nations have ski resorts. Just normally not on the top of the list for tyrannic dictators who enslave and murder their own citizens. South Korea also has a constitution, a (real) legal system, advanced industry, and oh ya, democracy – it is also a member of OECD…Think Kim Jong-Un figured they should have some of those, too? Nah…ski resorts are probably the right call.

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