Iceland On Cusp of Oil Boom?
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  • Andrew Allison

    Reality check: “According to the official Canadian government website, the Northwest Passage has remained ice-bound and impassable all summer.” See also:

    • Kavanna

      Thanks for the reality check. The faith-based factoids that keep getting reported about “climate change” are breathtaking. This is the split personality many have acquired on the topic: what they believe versus what they know.

  • tarentius

    What an ill informed article. Iceland has given Norway license to drill two exploratory wells which won’t be drilled until 2018. Most of the oil near Iceland is most likely at sea, not land, and requires special expertise and equipment. The Norwegians and the US have it, the Chinese have absolutely none. The Chinese have been sniffing around Iceland for the last couple of years and their proposed investments in Icelandic land have been thwarted by the government. Iceland is very leery of the Chinese.
    The most recent survey of the oil reserves in the Artic was done by the US and it put the vast majority of the potential oil reserves well away from Iceland.

  • JoeKlip

    This is a definitely positive news as the consequence of Global Warming. Less sea ice means more available ice-free ocean for deep-sea petroleum production. This is like using lemon to make lemonade. Humans are such ingenious species

    • Joe, there is now more sea ice in the northern hemisphere than there has been in 20 years. All of the ground lost was made up this year. The northern arctic summer was only 45 days this year (rather than the normal 60). IPCC report recently released has admitted that cooling is occuring not warming…that the over the top rhetoric of the past 15 years is wrong.

      • Kavanna

        Yes, the Arctic warming of the 90s has halted and reversed in the last 10 years. The Arctic back to where it was in the early 90s. The Antarctic never warmed up, but has continued to cool and build up more sea ice.

  • This definitely positive news. Except the earth stopped warming 17 years ago. And shows every sign of continuing its cooling trend for another decade. Arctic ice has had a huge comeback this year. So unless there is some technology to by-pass this decline in temps this is still a “pipe” dream.

  • “as the world warms”

    except it ain’t. Even the IPCC has finally admitted that “global warming” isn’t happening, that in fact over the past 15 years, the planet has in fact cooled. Get at least some facts straight, please.

    • Kavanna

      Just read and compare the IPCC’s executive summary versus their scientific report. The contrast has always been there, but now, finally even the executive summary has to acknowledge what the scientific report already knew.

  • SeanR64

    You obviously didn’t get the memo. Or perhaps you subscribe to the leftists talking points. The earth ain’t warming. Even according to the IPCC. How you made such a boneheaded mistake is completely beyond me.

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