Paging Federal Obamacare Enrollees: Is Anybody Out There?
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  • Corlyss

    Should be intoned like Sec. Charles Thomson in 1776 reading yet another weary plea from Gen. Washington’s sitrep:
    Is anybody there?
    Does anybody care?

  • Roy_Lofquist

    As many of us who have been around long enough to still call it Data Processing predicted, we are witnessing an historic cluster conjugation. For those who think it’s going to get better I am hosting a poker game Saturday to which you are cordially invited.

  • Boritz

    Implementation will be remembered as the golden days.

  • MarkJ

    “Ultimately Obamacare will be judged on how it preforms [sic] a year or two out, not on its early errors. Even without the shutdown, that would still be the case.”

    Mr. Mead, has it possibly occurred to you that all the “errors” in ObamaCare are not bugs, but features? The way the whole system is set up makes Rube Goldberg’s contraptions look like high-tech models of efficiency. ObamaCare is, and will always be, like a zombie: effectively dead and rotting, but still shambling along by continually sustaining itself on living, productive citizens who are too slow to get out of the way.

  • grichens

    “…if the GOP hadn’t pursued the shutdown, chances are the botched rollout will be front and center in every paper…”


    • richard40

      The reverse is true. If it was not for the shutdown enormously raising the profile of obamacare, any failures of the site would have been ignored, now they cant be.

  • MichaelKennedy

    The GOP has an ally in Harry Reid so the Obamacare fiasco will still attract attention. No IT system with 300 million users has ever been tried. Too bad they didn’t let Diebold build it . My bank ATM work fine.

  • I wonder too if the volume of people who visited the exchange sites are primarily interested in the cost. I know that at a site I have a connection (which is a faith based alternative to PPACA called we have seen a growing number of visitors, with specific interest in the cost. People don’t want to spend more money, generally, than they need to.

    But visitors to a site are not all buyers, and it would look to me like the number visiting the exchange sites have a very high dropout rate. They might need to learn a bit about the sales process!

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