Charter Schools Give Special Ed Students a Fair Shake
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  • Bruce

    “We’re glad to see this would-be criticism thoroughly debunked.” One of the reasons the left continues to lie is because deep thinkers call their lies “would-be criticisms.” Being the most rational person in the room doesn’t work with these people. They lie. Let’s call it that.

  • Corlyss

    “charter schools teach a far lower percentage of special education students than regular public schools.”
    Well, if they admit special ed students, they can kiss their accomplishments goodbye. Those people need to be isolated and confined to schools especially for them so they don’t impair the ability of normal and gifted students from reaching their full potential. The idea that normal and gifted students “teach” the laggards is just Utopian foolhardiness without an ounce of empirical justification.

  • lukelea

    Everyone should receive an appropriate education. The key is to let parents and the students themselves decide what is appropriate, not teachers or administrators. If children find themselves in classes that are too easy or too hard they should be free to opt out.

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