Does the Government Shutdown Matter at All?
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  • wigwag

    Professor Mead’s thesis is that the Government shutdown hardly matters.

    I wonder what Ken Cuccinelli thinks the shutdown is doing to his already longshot chance of being elected as the next Governor of Virginia..

    • Corlyss

      Of course it’s going to be the hottest topic inside the Beltway. If I were still working, I’d be glued to C-SPAN 24/7 following the ins and outs of the deals, just like I was in 1995. Nobody else cares that much.

  • Corlyss

    “Yet if lists like these truly represent the worst the shutdown has to offer, it may not be so bad.”

    Shades of the sequestration. The forces of evil (Republicans) hosted a reduction in the growth of spending, and nobody noticed. It was a lose-lose for everyone. Republicans won a major political achievement, hyped by the Dems as the end of civilized life as we know it, and who knows anything happened at all if you’re not in the DoD nexus? The Republicans didn’t get any credit for their achievement. The Dems didn’t suffer any for their typical lying Chicken Little clucking. When you consider that when the laid off govt workers return to their jobs, the Congress will reimburse them for theoretically missed pay. It’s typical of the grand kabuki so popular inside the Beltway and so inconsequential elsewhere. It’s all political theater, nothing more.

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