Does the Gas Tax Have a Future?
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  • Clayton Holbrook

    Drivers of high-mileage cars are freeloading on the gas-guzzlers, enjoying the luxury of well-maintained roads without paying their share of the costs. – VM

    Considering many of the low fuel efficient vehicles such as trucks and 4×4’s really do a damaging number on roads, I think it’s fair the drivers of those vehicles pay more to fund the upkeep of them.

  • Corlyss

    “the general treasury in order to keep the highway trust fund afloat.”

    Why does the federal government have a “highway trust fund?” Is that one of those things in a penumbra?

  • Scott Morgan

    The tax was raised to 18.4 cents 20 years ago. The first federal excise tax was levied in June of 1932.

  • breed11

    You do know taxes such as these hurt the poor the most. We pay so much in state and federal taxes, and every time Governors and the President tell us they are for roads and bridges. The stimulus was supposed to be for road and bridges.

    Millions are unemployed or underemployed or have given up looking. Give them a break!

  • richard40

    ” “The march of alternative ways to power vehicles (natural gas, natural gas liquids, electric) make any oil-based tax antiquated whether it’s on wholesale or retail and whether it’s indexed with inflation or not.” If that’s the case, we might want to replace the gas tax altogether with some kind of fee based on miles traveled – though we can see how implementing such a policy could get hairy.”
    Wait a minute here, I thought they wanted to encourage people to drive cars that used less gas, now they are complaining that we dont tax them enough. Spending gov money to subsidize green cars, while at the same time proposing to raise taxes on them, seems like the height of idiocy to me. If you want green cars that use less gas, then dont raise taxes on them. If you dont want green cars, then end the subsidies. But proposing to raise taxes on green cars, while at the same time continuing to subsidizing them, is completely idiotic.

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