The Private Sector Is Shaking Up the Health Care Industry
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  • ljgude

    Yup – that is the key to reforming US healthcare. The medicine isn’t the problem – America’s health outcomes are about the same as other 1st world countries. What is different is that the US spends about twice as much to achieve those results as other countries – 16% to 17.5% of GP. Switzerland for example spends 11% with a private health insurance system. Here is a bar graph from the Peter G Peterson Foundation showing the problem:

    • Kevin

      How much of this is driven by high wages in the US health care system? My understanding is that US physicians, for example, have a much higher income relative to the national average than do those in Western Europe. Still this is unlikely to account for the majority of the difference.

      • ljgude

        Sorry to be slow to respond. A bad case of flu. From what I’ve seen salaries are not the major problem. The biggest single cause seems to be price gouging by hospitals. Steven Brill’s Bitter Pill; Why Medical Bills are Killing Us is the best analysis I’ve read. It is behind a paywall at Time, but it is available in PDF here:

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