Egypt’s Four Step Recovery Plan
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  • wigwag

    Here are some other things they could do:

    1) Try China’s one child policy. The population explosion in Egypt has been a disaster for the Egyptian economy.

    2) Give up on the Palestinians (the Generals already have; the rest of the population needs to be convinced). The partner that could really teach Egypt about building a world class economy is Israel. The opportunities for partnership abound from tourism to energy to agriculture to high tech. What the Egyptians need to do is recognize their failures and emulate the Japanese in the aftermath of World War II. The Palestinians are useless; Israel could really help Egypt.

    3) Empower the Copts. They are far and away the most educated and entrepreneurial Egyptians.

    4) Stop the genital mutilation. A country where 90 percent of the women experience cutting of the clitoris will never amount to anything.

    5) Teach girls to read. In the modern world a nation that completely marginalizes its female citizens will never have a modern economy.

    • f1b0nacc1

      As I expect from you, an intelligent and reasoned comment. Some problems however….
      1) Implementing China’s One Child policy is going to require the sort of political and physical muscle that I rather doubt that the military has. More to the point, such a policy (however desirable in the long view) will alienate a significant number of those ‘on the fence’, whose support that the military needs, not to mention giving the MB a superb issue to work with. Finally, in a societ as deeply corrupt as Egypt, the potential for misuse of the policy (just look at China for an excellent example of that) is extreme. This will only drive more wedges into the rifts within society there.
      2) Embracing the Israelis looks great on paper, but it isn’t going to happen. I don’t dispute that it would be a great idea, but it simply won’t happen. Likewise, cutting the Palis loose is a very long-shot policy wise….
      3) The Copts are…well…there Copts, and they are NOT muslims. Great concept, but simply not likely to be implemented…
      4 & 5) Of course tehse are excellent ideas, but once again, good luck on making it happen…
      We are talking about a largely uneducated, deeply conservative MUSLIM country…short of killing most of the population and/or forceably converting the rest, I simply don’t see any of the (quite sensible) suggestions that you make becoming reality.

    • Pete

      You have good ideas here, Wig.

      And yes of course, Israel could significantly help Egypt’s economy, but to ever expect Egypt to be a ‘world class economy’ is beyond absurd.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Stability is over-rated, it really is just another word for stagnate. If we are ever to see a free, democratic, and civilized middle-east, the Cultures in that region must change, and that is inherently destabilizing.
    I’m looking to a distant future where a new Stability, and a new heavily modified Culture, forms in the middle-east.

  • ljgude

    I think there is too little attention being paid to agricultural crisis behind the political crisis in Egypt (and Syria for that matter). From the little I’ve read they are 9n ned of land reform and farming methodology reform. They import 50% of their food.

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