Hold On To Your Warming Seats: New IPCC Report Out Tomorrow
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    After ripping the Fraudsters of the IPCC a new one, James Delingpole wrote:

    “Which leaves the IPCC in a dilemma: does it ’fess up and effectively put itself out of business? Or does it brazen it outfor a few more years, in the hope that a compliant media and an eco-brainwashed populace will be too stupid to notice? So far, it looks as if it prefers the second option – a high-risk strategy.”

  • Andrew Allison

    The simple fact, most recently illustrated by a record-breaking increase in Arctic sea ice (up 60% from the same tme last year), 5- and 10-year average temperatures peaked in 2005 and, despite the three hottest single years on record and a 35% increase in anthropomorphic emissions, have been trending DOWN since 1997. As a result, and despite NOAA’s 2008 assertion in respose to this unfortunate truth that 15 years is required to signal a significant change (it’s been 16), the alarmist industry now claims that 30 years are required. The sheer mendacity of the alarmists is breathtaking.

  • DiogenesDespairs

    The IPCC and the governments behind it remains heroically oblivious to the fact that the physical properties and the quantities of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere mean it is impossible for human-generated carbon dioxide to account for more than a minor fraction of the observed global warming.

    The discussion, with citations, is too cumbersome to post here, but can be read at


    Vlimate change is an important question – too important for us to be wasting so much time and effort chasing down this false trail.

  • lukelea
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