The Costs of Our Syria Non-Policy
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  • bpuharic

    WRM continues to operate under the delusion that, even in the face of our abject right wing failure in Iraq, we can have an absolute influence in Syria by sending in a few RPG’s to unnamed and unspecified ‘rebel’ fighters.

    We had boots on the ground in Iraq. We spent 2 trillion and 4400 US lives. The outcome was hardly a success, thanks to right wing fantasies. Yet WRM says that somehow, this time will be different if only the president does…something.

    Great.Let’s do it!

  • Whether the West can or cannot “allow” radical Sunni Islam to establish a base in Syria, it will.

    For those unable to think outside their traditional foreign policy box, Obama has been utterly consistent in his policy in the region: advance Sunni radical Islam. From enabling the overthrow of mubark and the arming of the MB, to his demands the MB be restored when the people demanded the army remove them, to enabling the overthrow & murder of Ghaddafi – turning Libya and Mali into failed radical Sunni States, to abandoning Afghanistan to al Qaeda to trying to degrade Assad’s ability to resist al Qaeda in Syria.

    Obama’s entire foreign policy has as a goal the expansion of radical sunni ism. He has been utterly consistent, nearly completely successful, and the West still has yet to figure this out. Too bad. You can bet Huntington would have grasped this fact already.

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