Black Tide on the Caspian Sea
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  • Tom Servo

    Always remember that when you see reports of cost “Overruns”, what you are really seeing is a direct calculation of the size of the payoffs to local pols, and the siphoning of cash by every person involved at every level of the operation, from the bottom to the top.

    I had a friend that toured Russian oil operations back in the 90’s. He visited 28 drilling rigs – and 27 of them were broken down, waiting on parts. Which meant everyone who was supposed to be working on them sat around and drank Vodka all day, while they got paid to wait and do nothing. On average, they were shut down and waiting on parts for 28 out of every 30 days of any given month.

    That’s how Russian industry still operates, and sadly most government-funded American projects, too.

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