Hungry For Oil, China Goes To Africa, But There Are Risks And Resistance
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  • Loader2000

    Chinese were ruthlessly exploiting the workforce when I was in Zambia 2 years ago. A lot of the factories and building operations were run by Indians 10 years ago. Then the Chinese came in and started putting the Indians out of business by paying the workers at their African factories even less. You even had to watch yourself on some rivers because at times, the Chinese would be dynamiting, and you had no idea it was going on until the rocks next to your boat exploded and huge boulders came raining down everywhere. The only way the Chinese got away with these things was by paying bribes to the government officials in charge of approving the projects. Perhaps I am exagerating a little bit, but not much.

  • lukelea

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but if I were a Central Asian country I would be very worried about my Chinese neighbor, particularly if (and when) it turns out China’s economy is not immune to economic contractions.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Kleptocracies are the only places which will allow the Chinese to develop their resources, and once developed will demand an ever increasing ransom, until they just nationalize the business.

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