The Driverless Car Revolution Evolution
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  • qet

    As far as I can tell, Musk’s proposal will not obviate the liability point made by McArdle. McArdle is right, of course, about the no-fault accident compensation scheme. That (and medmal as well) should be based on a worker’s comp-like system. Because what are damages awarded to auto accident victims in respect of? Death (a life insurance policy); injury (health care payments); pain & suffering/loss of consortium (nebulous concepts that reduce to the gut feeling that an injured party ought to get some additional money just, you know, for the trouble); punitive damages (society cannot afford these); attorneys’ fees (80% of which are socially unproductive). The first two components and even the third are amendable to standardized rate-setting and administration by an agency. The latter two should simply be eliminated or reduced to trivial proportions. So long as victims are promptly compensated for their actual injuries, justice is served. Automakers could fund the program and the cost would be passed on to car buyers. A far better system than our trial court-based law of negligence.

  • lukelea

    The biggest obstacle to driverless cares will be driver boredom I predict. Manufacturers better have some major entertainment modules in the works.

  • circleglider

    Fully autonomous cars – i.e., “driverless” – will remain in the realm of science fiction for a long, long time. One only needs to look at how automation has evolved in aircraft to see that human interaction will remain an essential control element of any vehicle – on the ground or in the air – that transports humans and does so in traffic with other vehicles. Today’s liability regimes simply reflect this reality, and will play no part (negative or positive) in their development.

    Then again, many people believe that today’s airliners “fly themselves.” Via Media is expected to know better.

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