The Price of Young Workers' Pessimism
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  • gwvanderleun

    “recent college graduates now enter a job market where 34 percent of their peers lack full-time employment.” Dollars to doughnuts the vast majority of that 34 percent elected to major in very, very, very dumb subjects… like the liberal arts and the current stupid spinoffs like Feminist Theory or the like. Serves them right.

    • Jim__L

      I think that our school system deserves a large share of the blame, for encouraging and enabling students to waste their time with impractical courses.

  • Pete

    And Mr. Mead, let us notice that many college graduates come out dumb as bricks and are ill prepared to function in real jobs.

    Neither college nor their pricey public K-12 education taught many of our college graduates how to write or how to think critically or how to form logical arguments.

    See today’s Wall Street Journal on this matter:

  • Jim__L

    “It’s important, then, that young people emerge from college equipped with the skills they need to succeed in the competitive job market. It’s a key step toward restoring confidence in the economy as a whole.”

    Does not follow.

    Characterizing the job market as “competitive” implies the challenge is to out-do other candidates for a fixed number of jobs. So, the best-qualified (whether they’re particularly qualified or not) get them. Actual learning in college is irrelevant, in this case.

    The real solution here is for people to learn things in college that will allow them to increase the number of jobs, by inventing new things, or starting their own businesses. Or at least, for students to pursue courses of study that qualify them to fill the positions that are open.

    As long as universities turn out fewer entrepreneurs and more ideological well-meaning policy wanks whose life’s ambition is to stuff the law books with transaction-cost-boosting regulations and load down government budgets with unsustainable and unproductive “programs”, this country’s economy will stagnate.

  • Anthony

    Via meadia’s earlier articles on the importance of trade schools as a good option look even better in light of this new information.

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