California’s Middle Class Faces Slow Death by Green Laws
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  • Corlyss

    “One key to reversing the grim slide is land development.”
    And that depends to a large extent of restoring one of our foundational concepts, i.e., private property as a bulwark against tyranny. Sometimes it seems like SCOTUS don’t get it, and that they’ve succumbed to the attractive but disastrous public policy notion that people are mere stewards of their property with unspecified rights flowing to EPA until EPA decides it wants the land as a habitat preserve, or “unique” ecosystem in which no elements can be disturbed or displaced, or whatever.

  • bpuharic

    Middle class death? Guess no one’s informed the good professor the middle class has been under attack by the right wing for 30 years…we’re all ‘moochers’, dontcha know.

    • rosewater49

      Because flop ears told you so, huh idiot?

  • ConradCA

    Social security is killing the middle class. They have to flush nearly 15% of their gross down the toilet to pay others benefits. In return they get a nearly worthless promise that future workers are going to pay 30-50 % of the gross for their benefits.

  • BuckIV

    So I guess they really don’t want to fight environmental lawsuits for their choo-choo train.

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