The Start-Ups That Will Save Health Care
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “The recent price transparency law passed in North Carolina is a great example of tech and law working hand-in-hand.”

    Price transparency is meaningless if the consumer isn’t price sensitive. If all the consumer pays is a co-pay, no matter what the price of the service, then they will all demand the most service they can get regardless of the price, because it’s all the same price to them. In socialist systems, demand is always infinite, and supply is always insufficient. This results in queues, extended wait times, an end to research, development, and maintenance, as all economic effort is diverted to supply. This is why the Communist Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact countries, and China all failed.

    There is only one economic Law “The Law of Supply and Demand” ignore it at your peril.

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